Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Summer Project: Victorian bustle dress

So this summer, I've decided that my project is going to be a bustle dress. I want it to be comfortable, but totally cute. I'm not sure what kind of fabric I'll use yet, something totally crazy and gothic for sure. I'm not going to have a high collar though, I don't like to feel choked.
I watched Sleepy Hollow last night, and I got the idea from this dress:

Sleepy Hollow Gown

I can't find a good picture of the whole dress, but it is awesome. here are some dresses I found in a google search that I might use as inspiration:

bustle gown bows

bustle gown

wine bustle gown


I know I don't want the bustle to be huge, because I want to be able to wear this as a formal dress, and not just a costume. I'll post more updates about this project later.


  1. The sleepy hollow dress is seriously fashion porn for me. If I ever get to make a wedding dress, that would be the inspiration.

    And a bustle will always make something seem costumey, unfortunately. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't rock it anyway.

  2. The Sleepy Hollow dress is not a bustle gown. It is an 18th century polonaise.