Monday, August 30, 2010

And the Winners Are...

The nail art contest officially ended last night. I want to thank those of you who entered, there were only a handful of you, but I appreciate you checking it out, and I hope you'll look at the nail art store (which will be up sometime this week). So without further ado, the winners are:

For the Pink Leopard set:

Congratulations Fuyume!!! (

You have won the set of Pink Leopard nails!

For the Fairy Lights set:

Congratulations Linda!!! (

You have won the set off "Fairy Lights" nails!

I will be sending e-mails to the winners, letting them know that they won. The winners were selected by the list randomizer on

Thanks so much for entering, and keep reading Bonbon de Sucre for more updates and the opening of my nail art store!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Don't Forget To Enter The Giveaway!!!

I just wanted to remind everyone of my nail art giveaway!!! It's on my post here. There are a couple weeks left, but I thought a reminder couldn't hurt. I'm really excited about all the nails I've been working on, and I can't wait for people to be able to try them!!! If you don't wear nails yourself, it would be awesome if you spread the word to your nail wearing friends, tweet it, whatever. Don't miss your chance to enter!!! Thanks so much!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nail art giveaway!

Hello to those of you who are still there! I have been a way for a while, but I've been a busy little bee! I've been working on a ton of nail art, and I'm pleased to announce that I am going to be opening a nail art store! I will be selling directly from my blog via paypal to begin with, but I might open an etsy store in the near future. I'd like opinions from you though. Do you prefer direct sale, or buying from somewhere like etsy?
To celebrate, and to give my readers a chance to sample the wares before they go on sale, I'm giving away 2 sets of my nails!

Each set comes with 10 different sizes so that you can find the perfect fit.

Set #1: Pink Leopard

A close up:

Set #2: Fairy Lights (lavender and mint)

A close up:

Here are the contest rules:

1) You have to be a follower of Bonbon de Sucre
2) Post a comment, with your name and e-mail,
telling me what you would like to see more of from Bonbon de Sucre, and what kind of nails you like (simple,OTT, long, short, colors, sweets, fruit, etc). (2 entries)
3) You will get two entries, one for each set of nails. If you wish, you can ask for both entries to go toward one particular set. Otherwise, one entry will go toward each set
4) You can get additional entries from posting a blog entry linking to my contest, tweeting about it, putting it on facebook, or myspace. (2 entries each). Post the links in a comment.
5) The contest will close on August 29th at midnight, eastern time.

Thanks so much for reading! The store will open soon, and I hope you all like it!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm back!

Hello to everyone who is still reading after all this time! Sorry I've been MIA for a while, I've been doing a lot of work in my mom's art gallery, as well as working on some projects of my own. I finished the gothic lolita jsk and underskirt I've been working on. I'll post pics soon, I need to get all dolled up for it and do a photo shoot, I want some good pics to show. I've also been getting really into deco, it's so much fun, I just want to deco everything! Deco nails are my favorite, and I never wore fake nails before but I've gotten used to them because they are really cute. I've been perfecting my deco nails, and you will hear more about that soon! I just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone, and let you know that there are some exciting new things coming to Bonbon de Sucre. Also, I'm finally on twitter! You can link from the widget on the sidebar, so please follow Bonbon for special updates!

Disclaimer: the pic is not mine, I found it here, so credit goes to this person.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cute Giveaway from a fellow blogger!

The blog A Sweet Lolita In Debt is giving away some really cute rings. You just have to check out the blog here and follow the instructions for entering. You can get an extra entry for blogging, tweeting, or posting a facebook message about it!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Nail deco and Gothic Lolita project

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted! I honestly haven't really had that much to post. I've been working on some crafty things lately, and I want to share.
I made my first pair of deco nails. I have to mention and thank Violet LeBeaux here, because she was my insiration to make deco nails. She makes such awesome nails, and I wanted to make a pair of my own. I made a pair that would match my blue skirt (The one I made for the Alice in Wonderland movie). I used pink, blue, and white for an OTT sweet look, with nail jewels and pearls. My theme was "Nummy cakes". Here they are:

I think that they turned out really cute, what do you think?

I have also started on a Gothic Lolita coordinate. Since my first piece was sweet, I decided that I wanted something gothic. (Yes, that was my first Lolita garment. I have been interested in Lolita since around 2005, but I only recently got into wearing it). I love Sweet, Gothic, and Classic, as well as many other sub-styles, so I can't really pick one. I designed a jumperskirt with a back bustle, I always loved those. I'm using burgandy cotton fabric, with black lace and trim, and a black underskirt. It's two pieces, the burgandy jsk and a black underskirt. here's the design:

This is the front. I didn't have a burgandy pencil so I didn't color it in. The vertical lace goes down the bodice and the skirt. The horizontal stripes across the bodice are lace. There is also a row of lace on either side of the vertical lace. I will put bows where the vertical lace meets on the bodice and skirt, as well as where it meets the bottom row of lace. The straps will also have some thin lace on the edges. It seems like a lot, but I have some good quality lace and I think It will work without being lace monster-y. The bottom of the skirt has a small layer of ruffles.

The back is fairly self explanitory. Instead of going all the way around, the sides of the skirt will come up in the back, showing the tiered ruffles of the underskirt. The bodice is going to have back shirring, to get it on and off easily.

The underskirt is simple, a black gathered skirt with one row of ruffles in the front and many layers of ruffles in the back. The front of the jsk will cover the skirt, but obviously the back will not.

I've been modifying patterns and making mock-ups, mostly for the bodice, to fine tune it before I work on the real thing. I'm going to line the bodice, but probably not the skirt part. We'll see. I have finished the underskirt though! (Almost, upon finishing I realizing that the skirt rises up in the back because of all the ruffles, so I do need to add another row). Here are pics of it:


Back (Yay, ruffles!)

I decided to make the underskirt seperate, that way I can wear it by itself (with a blouse or cutsew) or under another dress.

I'll post an update on the Gothic Lolita dress project as soon as I have one. Sorry it's been so long since my last post, and thanks for bearing with me!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My pic in Sucrerie Magazine!

For those of you who have never heard of it, Sucrerie Magazine is an online magazine for/about Lolitas, specifically western lolitas. They have some really great atricles and features. They have recently converted to blog format, which is cool because they can put out articles whenever they want instead of having to have everything ready to go at once. It's a really good resource for western lolitas. They also do a feature called Western Lolita Style Watch, which showcases outfit snaps submitted by real lolitas. I submitted my outfit from the Alice in Wonderland movie, and they used it! I'm very excited! I worked hard on that outfit, especially the skirt, and I'm so happy to see it being showcased. Check it out here. I encourage you to submit your Lolita outfits too!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Love Chanel!

I am absolutely in love with Chanel's spring 2010 ready-to-wear line. Chanel has always been so classic and pretty, and this season's collection is no exception. White, black, and cream were used heavily, as well as other neutral tones. There were a few splashes of color as well, but nothing too loud. There were a lot of fitted tops with poofy skirts, which I'm sure Lolitas will love. Here are some pics:

Aren't they all so lovely? I'm not a huge fan of clogs, I think that pumps look better, but that's just me. I love to see the high fashion ready-to-wear stuff because even though I may not be able to afford head to toe Chanel, Givenchy, or Prada, seeing what the designers are putting out gives one a good idea of what will be available in the upcoming season. Check out the rest of the pics (and other designer's spring collections) here.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Contest: Lolita Charm & Mouse Market Giveaway

Lolita Charm (a Lolita blog by Victoria Suzanne, one of my favorite lolita blogs) and Mouse Market (an etsy shop) are having a giveaway of some adorable fruit jewelry. Just click on the link here for more detail on how to enter!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Outfit Post

I went to see Alice in Wonderland of Friday with Nick, Himemiya, and a couple of our other friends. It was so wonderful! I grew up reading Alice in Wonderland, it was my favorite story. I also grew up watching Tim Burton movies. So when I found out that he was doing an Alice in Wonderland movie, my weird little goth inner child said "squee"!
I wore an Alice inspired casual-sweet Lolita outfit to the movie theater. (The finished product of the outfit I wore to Himemiya's tea party). I love how little kids like you so much when you wear sweet lolita. I told this to Nick, and he said it was because I looked like a Disney princess. Isn't that sweet?
"Drink Me" tee- Hot Topic
Skirt, Alice Bow, and bloomers- handmade by me
Socks, Necklace, and petti- Fanplusfriend
Shoes and Bag- Bodyline
Cardigan- off brand

You can't really see the cuteness of the socks, so here is a close-up!

I twisted my ankle leaving the theater, these shoes are really cute an comfy, but they are ankle twisters!

Here is my outfit from yesterday. It's not much, but I thought it was cute and so I had Nick take a picture.
All offbrand!
We couldn't get the lighting right, so I kind of look like a zombie. Those are also the most super comfy boots in the world. I have had them for years, and I have worn them in mud and snow, and they are still cute and in one piece.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New items I got from Fanplusfriend!

Yay! My order from Fanplusfriend finally showed up today. I placed the order on February 18th, and they shipped it out on February 26th. In all fairness to them, they were on holiday until the 21st, so they were probably a little backed up. The good thing about ordering from them during the holiday was that everything was discounted (either 10 or 20 percent, I can't remember). It took 5 business days after they shipped it for it to get here, which is about what I expected.

Here is what I ordered:


I ordered this steep prop pannier. After I placed the order, I asked on the main egl community if anyone had it, and I got some not so good reviews from people. However, I think it looks pretty good. It's not so fluffy that I'm worried about knocking things over, and there is a layer of some kind of mesh fabric on top so that the steep prop doesn't show.
In the package

This isn't a great picture, but I couldn't really get a good one.

Here it is under a skirt.

Overall, I'd give it a 6/10. I like it, the shape is good and it feels very light. The steel prop isn't really adjustable like they say on the website, you can adjust it a tiny bit, but any more than that and it pops out of the piece that connects the ends together, and you have to push it back together. I have to wear it a few inches lower than my natural waist because it's a little short, but that's really my fault, I probably should have ordered the medium length on instead of the short one. The waist allowance is very forgiving, which is nice. It's easy to sit down in too. 


These are so adorable!They are cream colored, which is nice because my wardrobe has off-white instead of white. The little roses are so pretty, and I especially love the ribbons printed on them.

I got these for my Alice in Wonderland outfit. They are a soft blue, and the detail is medium blue. They match really well with the skirt. 

Lace Gloves

These are just some simple off-white lace gloves. They are really cute, but a bit big on me, as gloves almost always are. (I have really tiny hands). They are cute, and would be good for a spring daytime outfit, say a walk in the garden or a garden party.
Bowknot Present Necklace

It came in the sweetest little box!

Unfortunately, no matter what I did, I wasn't able to get a decent picture of it. It's so cute though, it's a little present box.

I've been a little busy lately, but I do have some new things coming up. My cucumber sandwich recipe/tutorial is coming soon, and I am going to have other tutorials, I promise! I also want to start doing more outfit posts, not just Lolita stuff, but my regular outfits too. 
Alice in Wonderland comes out tomorrow, I can't wait! I will post my Alice movie outfit soon!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tea Party at Himemiya's House!

Last weekend Himemiya hosted a late Valentine's tea party at her house. We had to postpone the original party because of all of the snow we've been getting! (I am so sick of snow at this point. I can't wait for spring!)

It wasn't a strictly Lolita tea party, it was just a fun fancy party with cute outfits. I wore a super casual Lolita outfit, emphasis on the casual (I didn't even wear a petti, gasp!). I was lacking a few items because my Fan + Friend order hadn't arrived yet. I'm going to be wearing almost the same coordinate to the Alice in Wonderland movie, but slightly less casual. (Still casual though, Because I'm wearing a tee instead of a blouse). So here are pics!

 Himemiya had such a lovely spread! She decorated beautifully. We had super yummy food, cupcakes, cookies, chocolates, cucumber sandwiches (which I made, my cucumber sandwich tutorial is coming soon!), lots of tea, sparkling lemonade and strawberry lemonade, and a bit of wine. Everything was super tasty!
Mmm, cupcakes!

Here I am, drinking some really tasty tea! We had Earl Grey milk tea, and this lovely flowering green tea. It comes in little bulbs and when you put them in the hot water, they bloom like flowers!

Here's the full outfit. It will be complete for the movie, with a petti and socks and all that. The rundown:
"Drink Me" tee: Hot Topic
Skirt: Handmade by me
Alice bow: Handmade by me
Shoes: Bodyline
Bag (not pictured): Bodyline
Cardigan (also not pictured): offbrand

Nick and I, being cuddly. (Nick spent most of the time reading comics and napping on the couch. He's not really the tea party type of guy, lol.)

Himemiya looking adorable! I am jealous of her pearls!

Bec! I love her little hat, she looks very aristocratic.

Monica! I love this photo, she looks so classy and glamorous!

Aren't they so sweet!

We had such a fun time!  I left with a bit of a tummy ache though, from all the cupcakes and cookies! We're planning a garden party for spring next!
I also wanted to add that this was my first time going out in public in Lolita (or Lolita-esque clothes). (Except for one terrible outfit I wore to school years ago, with a poofy white hippy dress that was Lolita-ish and a black apron, it really looked costumey. ) I had to go to Walmart to pick up a few things, and I must say that I really had a positive experience. I was having a good day already, which helped, but I felt very confident, I had a spring in my step and I was smiling at everyone. One man told me that he liked my outfit. I had to ask one of the workers where the tea was because I couldn't find it, he was an older gentleman, and he smiled and said "You need a spot of tea milady?" He was very nice. I am glad that I had such a positive experience. I got looks, of course, but it seemed like it made people smile, not shoo their children away from me. It was very fun!