Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bodyline Purchase

I just ordered a few things from the dreaded Bodyline. They have some stuff that is really cute, and although I really don't like their prints, they have some cute simple stuff (blouses, cardigans, shoes, etc.) So here are the things I ordered, I am excited! (This is my first *brand* purchase, and I'm really excited about that, even though it's Bodyline and not Baby, lol.)

I got this bow in the lighter pink color, I didn't really care for the dark pink. It's part
 of an outfit I'm planning, which incorporates baby blue, pale pink, and off-white.

I thought this bag was cute, and even though I don't usually
care for loud, super sweet prints, I think that in a bag it's ok, becaus 
 there's not a lot of print exploding everywhere. (The older I get,
 the more I like more cassic styles, like Victorian
Maiden and Innocent World). It also matches the
 aforementioned outfit I'm planning.

I got this cute, simple cardigan in off-white. I wish there was a better picture
of it in that color, but alas. (The manequin in the picture weirds me out,
it's just so naked! I feel like I'm looking at something I shouldn't be, lol!)
Anyway, this piece really speaks for itself, it's just a basic piece.

My absolute favorite part of my order! These shoes are why I placed an
order in the first place. :) They are off-white, and I can incorporate them into
non-lolita outfits as well. I'm very excited, I've never had any lolita shoes before!

Last but not least, I got this cute, fluffy shoulder bag for my friend Himemiya!
I wanted to get her a little present, and I thought that this is just the cutest thing!
I hope she likes it!

So, there's my first Bodyline order, I hope that the pieces look good in real life, lol. I also hope that that cardigan will fit over my boobs! I'm also crocheting a little bag, and when I finish (and make sure I'm doing it right, lol) I will post a tutorial.


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