Monday, January 25, 2010

Bonbon de Sucre: Revamped, with a new mission, a new(ish) look, and a new flavor!

So, I had to put this blog on hold for a while, since I was finishing school (I have my A.A. degree now, yay!). In that time, I decided that I wanted to sort of change Bonbon de Sucre, into something a little more eclectic.
I love Gothic and Lolita fashion, I love Victorian, Baroque, Rococo, Renissance, etc. fashion, I love Cyber and Steampunk. I love costumes, and I have cosplayed quite a few times. However, I also love Haute Couture, and just mainstream fashion. I'll wear a hoodie from American Eagle just as soon as I would wear a Baby jsk, or some prada shoes (not like I could afford them). I just love clothing, shoes, and accessories. I've also recently gotten into some different styles, like mori and hime gyaru, which I am interested in. My point is, I'm not a lolita, I'm not mori, or goth, or anything. I'm just me, and I love fashion. I also love crafting. I'm learning how to do embroidery, and I'm expanding my sewing and crocheting skills. I love making things, and I want to incorporate some diy tutorials in this blog. So here are some things you may want to know about me (or not, I don't really know, lol):

* I am not an expert in Lolita.

I love love love lolita. I lean more towards the Classic, and a little country if I feel like it. My favorite brands are Baby, the Stars Shine Bright (which although I am not into a lot of the super sugary sweet stuff they have that is so in right now, will always have a place in my heart), Victorian Maiden, Mary Magdalene, Innocent World, and I even think that Bodyline has some cute accessories.
I don't own any brand stuff, at least not currently. I have been into lolita, from an aesthetic point of view, for about four or five years. So I don't want anyone to think that I'm trying to act like I know more than I do, because I know I'm not an expert. Just an admirer, who draws lots of inspiration from lolita.
(I'm currently making a light blue skirt with offwhite lace, and I'll post updates about that! I'm also saving up money, slowly but surely, for my first brand piece).

* I am not an expert in historical fashion

I'm not going to be 100% historically accurate, but I will try to be as accurate as I can when posting about historical fashion.

*I am not an expert in fashion of any kind, really.

* What I am, is a girl who loves fashion. I admire great style in whatever form it comes in. I just can't pick one and stick to it, because they are all so fabulous!
So, I hope you like my blog. It's going to be pretty ecclectic, but I think that that can be a very good thing.
Thanks for reading!

Coming Soon:
Pics to inspire, of various styles
My project updates (blue lolita skirt, yellow sundress, and other projects that I haven't thought of yet)
Craft tutorials
Also, my friend Himemiya and I are going to start craft days, complete with tea and movies. I'll post our projects and reviews of the movies we watch.


  1. I love the new look, and I'm excited to see your posts! ♥

  2. Thanks Hime, I like the new look sooo much better. I never thought I'd say this, but the old layout was too pink, lol. I'm excited about craft days!