Monday, January 25, 2010

Lolita things that I miss

I really miss some of the things that are no longer in fashion, or considered "ita". I really hate that word, I think it's kind of snarky. I do understand why some things are considered "ita", because they are really tacky. But I really miss some things that were very in when I first became interested in lolita.

1) Black and White.

When did this go out of fashion? I think it's a tragedy. I love the black and white combo, it can be classic or gothic, and it's so pretty. This pic is a Baby jsk that I just looked at on their site today, so at least black and white is not totally dead.

2) Square headbands

 I always thought that these headbands were cute! I just don't understand why they are never worn anymore. Now, I love the bows and the hats that are in now, don't get me wrong, but I kind of miss these.

3) When Sweet Lolita prints weren't so scary sweet.

Now, I have to start off by saying that I think Dreamy Dollhouse is pretty adorable. But some of the prints out there now are so loud! Now, that's just my personal taste, I know, but it seems like it's harder to find simpler prints, because the loud ones are so in vogue. I have to admit that Angelic Pretty has never been in my top five (I know, *gasp*, blasphemy! lol). I used to prefer more gothic or classic styles, now I prefer a classic/country type style, but honestly this print kind of scares me. I don't want to say that I think it's horrible, and I definately don't want to hurt anyone's feelings if this is their favorite print ever, I'm just not feeling it I suppose.

I love the stuff that's in right now (most of it anyway), but I just needed to wax nostalgic for a moment.

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