Thursday, February 4, 2010

Away with the Fairy Lolitas...

So, thanks to Miss Caro-chan at F*** Yeah Lolita, I am now addicted to Polyvore. I just finished making my first virtual coordinate, a Fairy inspired Lolita ensemble. I think that this outfit fits very much into the Quaintrelle style. I adore the Quaintrelle style and lifestyle. So many different styles can fit into the Quaintrelle aesthetic,like Lolita, historical fashion, mori, fairy-kei, hime gyaru, etc. I am really into all of those styles, although Lolita is my favorite. Vivcore of Candy Violet is all about Quaintrelle style, I would recommend checking out her site. She sells some very pretty things. I love her skirts, and she has some great t-shirts and casual loli pieces. I've never ordered from Candy Violet, but I have heard good things.

Fairy Inspired Lolita
Fairy Inspired Lolita by Mariko

Jsk: Fan + Friend
Blouse: Milanoo
Pannier: Innocent World
Bloomers: Fan + Friend
Necklace: Tarina Tarantino
Rings: offbrand
Headband: Forever 21
Shoes: Office Shoes
Tights: offbrand
Bag: Prada

I chose lilac, peach, and white. I thought that this outfit was very airy and light. It would be great for spring. I chose the lilac jsk first, and built the coordinate from that. I thought that peachy-pink would make a great accent color, to keep that light feeling. I would love to wear this outfit for a walk in the park, or to sit by a creek near the woods, with a good book and a parasol to keep the sun away. Ah, that sounds lovely...


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