Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Craft Post: Silhouettes

Yesterday, Himemiya and I made Victorian Silhouettes using Victora Suzanne's tutorial at Lolita Charm . It was really fun and easy.

Here's how mine turned out. I couldn't really get a good picture of it, but this is the best one. I used a little pink rosette for a hair bow, and some tiny pearl stickers as a necklace.

Himemiya and I found matching pink frames at Goodwill for two dollars each. I like that we both chose a different style, with our paper and decoratins. I went for a classical, old-fashioned look, while she chose a fun decora style. Aren't they pretty?
You can check out her silhouette post here.

We watched part of Kamikaze Girls before she left, which I hadn't seen in so long! It was really fun. It was so interesting to see Momoko's sweet/classic style, back in the day when there weren't so many prints and head-eating Alice bows. I wonder how she would feel about the bright, sugar sweet lolita styles of contemporary times?


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