Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mini-post: Fan+Friend Petticoat

I just ordered this petticoat from Fanplusfriend. It's the short steel prop pannier in white (it comes in black as well). They do custom sizes, but because the largest size is for a 82-113cm waist, I just ordered a ready made one. This is my first real petticoat. I have an enormous one that I found at a boutique downtown, and it is awesome, but it is to big to fit under even the poofiest of skirts. It also sits around the hips, not the natural waist, and it is a little long. As a plus sized, petite woman, I have come to love clothing that fits around the naural waist. Also, skirts that come below the knee just don't look as good as ones that come slightly above it, because it makes you look shorter. This petti is 45cm long, which is perfect for a just above the knee length skirt or dress.
Anyway, I will post a review of it when it arrives. I hope it gets here soon, I want to wear it with my Alice themed outfit I have been working on to wear to the new Alice in Wonderland movie!

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