Sunday, February 7, 2010

Just a Quick Hello.

Hello everyone! I am watching the superbowl at my boyfriend, Nick's house right now, so this is just going to be a quick post. I just wanted to tell my readers thank you for your interest. I'm trying to get this blog going, and I really want to make the most out of it, and I'm glad to have people interested from the start. I read all of your blogs, and really like to know what you have to say. So please comment, send me a message, or answer poll questions so that I know what you would like to read mroe about! Thanks so much!

I went to see Wicked with Nick last night, and it was wonderful! I have never seen such an amazing show before! The costumes were fantastic, in every meaning of the word. I am planning a bigger post in the next  few days about the costumes.

So thank you my little macarons, and I'll have more for you soon!

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