Tuesday, February 9, 2010

These Costumes Are Totally Wicked.

I went to see Wicked with Nick last weekend, and it was wonderful! We saw the touring show (off-broadway). The actress who played Elphaba (the Wicked Witch) had joined the tour straight from playing her on Broadway, which is really cool. It is the best performance I have ever seen. The acting and singing was amazing, the story was beautiful, and the costumes...oh, the costumes.

I just had to share the awesome. The costumes were so amazing. Many of them were historically inspired. I noticed a lot of bustle skirts and Victorian style boots. Here are some general pictures:

This is a pic of Glinda and Elphaba in the Emerald City. You can't really see the ensemble members, but their costumes are amazing!


Here is another pic of the ensemble.

And another. They had really cool, really unique costumes. 

Madame Morrible, the headmistress of the school that they go to, had some really crazy looking outfits:

I love this one, I love the huge bustle and the enormous bell sleeves.

Here is another one of her in all of her fabulous glory. Her costumes had huge boas or collars with huge sleeves, and huge bustles. They were very Victorian inspired.

The best costumes belonged to Glina. Her costumes were amazing, I loved them:

This is her classic gown. I love it. I'm sure that every girl who has ever dreamed of being a fairy princess would love this!

This is the outfit she wears when she does the number "Popular". I am in love with its adorable pink frilly-ness.

This one is very interesting. I usually don't like asymmetry, but somehow it worked on this dress. One side is long sleeved, the other is sleeveless. This is another very Victorian style dress. You can't really see it, but it has a bit of a bustle in the back, and the way the bodice sits on the skirt is very Victorian style.

The next one is my absolute favorite. It is the outfit Glinda wears on the first day of school.It is so adorable. I would wear it in real life, just as regular clothing. It is also very Lolita-ish. You could model a Lolita outfit off of this without having to change very much.

It's not Lolita as it is, but it would be easy to make a Lolita outfit inspired by this. You could wear some different shoes, a poofier petti, and add some cute accessories. Maybe wear knee socks instead of tights.

Costumes are not only fun, but they are great to take inspiration from. I'm considering making a Lolita coordinate based on Glinda's school outfit. There are so many other plays and movies that you could model a Lolita outfit after. For example, why not try a Lolita coordinate based on Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge, or Gone with the Wind?



  1. I saw this musical too! A few years ago for my birthday, because I loved the book so much. It was awesome, I loved everything about it, especially the costumes! Glinda's school outfit is great to take inspiration from, it's just so cute!

  2. It was so wonderful! The minute Glinda walked onstage in that outfit, I thought, "I have to loli-fy this outfit". I still haven't read the book, but I have a copy now, so I will soon.