Monday, February 1, 2010

Pretty New Shoes!!!

My Bodyline order came in today, which is very exciting for me, because I've never ordered anything "brand" before. I am sure there are different opinions about whether or not Bodyline counts as brand, but that's not the point. I got some really cute things, and I'm super excited, so I want to share pics.

I didn't take a pic of the cardigan, because it's really small and doesn't fit me, and I don't want to take it back out of the packaging. I've been loosing weight, and I might be able to wear it in a bit, so I'll post it later.

Here are the shoes, my favorite part of the order!


They are so adorable, I love them! I tried to get a pic of the bows in the back, but all the pics were blurry, so I just picked the best one. They are actually really comfortable, the platform and the heel are about the same height, so they don't kill your feet like some heels do. They look white in the photos but they are off-white. Bodyline has a sizing chart on their site, so that you can find what japanese size you wear, and it turned out very accurate. I wear a 25.5, which is the same as a US 8-8 1/2.


Here's the tote bag. I like the print, even though I'm not much of a sweets print kind of girl. It's cute, and the blue matches a skirt I'm making. I put a close up of the print, although you can't see it well. It has pink, blue, brown, mint, white, and pale yellow, so it can be incorporated in with many pieces.
This is the same headband I'm wearing in the Hime hair post. It's baby pink, with bows, lace, and little pearl beads. Some of the pearls had fallen off when I opened it, they were just held on with hot glue, and I can either glue them back on, or sew them on, so it's all good.

This is a little shoulder bag I got for my friend Himemiya. I haven't opened it yet, I'm going to let her do that when I see her next.

Check out my Hime hair post, and I'll be back later with more fun stuff!


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  1. Love the shoes!!! I plan on getting them in light pink soon!! :]